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Does your Florida Roof have discontinued clay/concrete tile?

We offer a wonderful service to homeowners, HOAs, and commercial property owners in Southern Florida, FREE TILE ROOF INSPECTION! Many potential customers/homeowners ask us why we offer this service for free, and there are a few reasons-

1. 92% of all people take the initial offer from their insurance company as they fear it will cost them money to get good results.

2. We want an educated customer, if you have gone this far and read this tile roofing article, you are our type of client

3. We want what is right, for you! We have seen so many people use a roofing contractor who has no clue as to how to match an existing tile roof, what is discontinued tile, the laws/codes about tile repair and replacement, how to work within an HOAs bylaws and guidelines, that we want to force all South Florida Roofer's to put their best foot forward and for once, offer customer service, and have their client's interest to be first, instead of a worthless tile roof repair!

At the bottom of this article will be the Tile Institute's Discontinued Tile Letter, but there is more info you need, especially if you are not going to hire our roofing experts/consultants to facilitate your tile roof replacement.

1. In order to mandate replacement of any roof, 25% of the roofs surface area must be damaged, this is code, but do not worry, there is MORE if this is not the case.

2. Florida is a matching state. This means that everything must be uniform in the end, as it was before there was storm damage. Document Attached.

3. Roofs pre June of 2005 must be back nailed and secured to today's code requirements, you have a storm damaged roof that is more than 13 years old we have the resources to help you get it replaced.

4. You cannot use boneyard or second hand materials. Try pulling a permit telling them you are doing that, will not work! All products must be Florida approved!

We have two convenient Southern Florida Locations:

Collier & Lee County

Palm Beach, Miami Dade & Broward County

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