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Tile Roof Repair and Inspection Naples/Marco Island/Fort Meyers

The most common roof found in Naples/Marco Island/ FT Meyers for residential homes is a tile roof. The second most common is asphalt, and then finally standing seam metal Most people believe that a tile roof is a life time roof that is maintenance free. This is not the case.

Wind damage Tile Roof

Although a tile roof is made from concrete, clay, or a mixture of the two, and does have a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty, it requires regular yearly inspection and maintenance,as do all roofing systems. If not maintained properly, the underlayment, which is the actual water proof part of your tile roof system – which is usually a 30-40 lb. felt system – can deteriorate prematurely.

With a good maintenance plan, a tile roof with a standard 30 lb. felt underlayment will last 20-25 years before an “underlayment replacement” is needed.

When we install a new tile roof we are one of the few companies that offers a full roof system warranty. Our standard tile roof has a base underlay of high temperature peel and stick ice and water barrier, and then a second course of breathable synthetic vapor barrier. This installation method allows us to provide you with a 50 year material warranty and a 25 year workmanship warranty.

We look forward to providing you with a free initial roof inspection, whether it just be out of maintenance concern, or if you have concerns of hurricane wind damage from Irma.

Please reach out to us at one of our two Southern Florida locations:

Naples & Lee County Location: (239) 908-3525

Miami Area Location: (561) 774-5520

Email us at:

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